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One Animal at a Time -- How the Rewarding Mission of Pet Rescue Changes the World

Pet Power -- Increase Productivity, Creativity, and Service by Becoming a Pet-Friendly School or Business

Amazing Angel Animals -- How Pets Make People into Better Human Beings

Pet Loss -- The Hidden Anguish of Millions and How to Cope with Its Consequences

The Secrets of Bark, Meow, and Gallop -- Writing for the Burgeoning Pet Article and Book Market

Linda Talks to:

• Corporations and Businesses

• Civic Organizations and Chambers of Commerce

• Conferences, Meetings, and Spouse Programs

• Men's Groups

• Healthcare Professionals

• Colleges and High Schools

• Animal Conferences

• Veterinary, Psychology, and Education Departments

• Religion, Sociology,  and Business Departments

• Service Organizations

• Teachers Organizations

• Writers Conferences

• Churches and Spiritual Organizations

• Writers and Creative Artists

• Veterinary, Psychology, and Education Departments

• English, Religion, and Sociology Departments

• Service Organizations

• Recovery Groups

• Cancer Survivors

• Brain Surgery or Life-Threatening Condition Survivors

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  Linda Giving a Presentation at the Minneapolis Convention Center

Linda Anderson
Speaker • Author • Consultant


Books by
Allen and Linda Anderson

New World Library is publisher of the Angel Animals series of books. New World Library is an important supplier of great books for animal lovers.

 Horses with a Mission: Extraordinary True Stories of Equine Service

 Angel Animals Book of Inspiration: Divine Messengers of Wisdom and Compassion

Angel Dogs with a Mission: Divine Messengers in Service
to All Life

Saying Goodbye to Your Angel Animals: Finding Comfort
after Losing Your Pet

Angel Animals:
Divine Messengers of Miracles

 Angel Horses:
Divine Messengers of Hope

Saving Animals from Disaster

Angel Dogs:
Divine Messengers of Love

 Angel Cats:
Divine Messengers of Comfort

 Rainbows & Bridges:
An Animal Companion
Memorial Kit


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Sampling of Quotes:

"As speakers, Linda and Allen Anderson open up a world of inspiration through amazing animal stories, creating a big shift for the listener about the true purpose of animals in our lives. Totally engaging and life affirming."
--Barbara Buckner, new media producer and project manager for Fortune 1000 companies

"It was delightful to have you at Menorah Plaza presenting motivational stories about animals and their amazing powers. Your stories stimulated wonderful conversations and memories. This is a wonderful project and a great service to the community. My tenants are still talking about it. I highly recommend this presentation for any senior facility or program. I feel it is appropriate for any age audience."
--Helen Gurevich, director of programs, Menorah Plaza, Menorah West